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David V. Mastran, Chairman & President
David Mastran is the Chairman and Founder of GrandVista Music. He brings his widespread knowledge of management and a genuine love for music to the company. David also functions as a songwriter for the label and composes melodies for the Orchestra Mastrangelo product line. Formerly, David was Founder and CEO of MAXIMUS, Inc., a large public company recognized by Business Week as a "Top 100 Growth Company" for four consecutive years. David formed GrandVista with a vision to create a high-quality record label that addresses unmet needs in the market.

Dave's Blog:

Why Make Time For Music? -- (November 28, 2009)
When we watch TV or go to the movies, or for that matter, read a book, we are captives of someone else's imagination. We see and hear what they want us to see and hear, and visualize what they want us to visualize. We have basically surrendered our consciousness in order to be entertained. And that's fine in moderation.

But when we listen to music, our minds are free to wander and we can think about anything we want to, especially with instrumental music, although lyrical music often allows many interpretations. We are in control of our own imagination and free to make our own associations. Through music we can relive the happy times, and re-experience the bittersweet.

So, we should make time for music. Our lives should not be spent in passive observance as spectators. We need to participate and think and feel for ourselves. Listening to music, we are encouraged to do so - the music stirs up emotions - and we are active participants.

Music provides both entertainment and a catalyst for our imagination. Basically, music enriches our lives, intensifies our experiences, and gives more meaning to who we are. That's why we say: make time for music.
Dave Mastran

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