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Orchestra Mastrangelo Opus 1 and 2 Opus One Opus Two
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picturepictureOrchestra Mastrangelo is a touring orchestra that plays original music with a classical feel and a modern touch. The fully orchestrated pieces have been brought to life by some of the industry’s top arrangers. The music, both in concert and on CD, has a cinematic feel and offers a hopeful outlook. The sound is orchestral and inspiring.

For concerts, Orchestra Mastrangelo performs original music, along with medleys of other popular tunes– songs from famous American operas and Broadway musicals. pictureEach musical performance is accompanied by a dynamic visual show that is projected on large screens throughout the theater. The combination of the fully orchestrated music and the visual imagery enhances the entire experience for the audience.

The Buzz!

» Orchestra Mastrangelo is now playing on over 450 stations nationwide! If you're curious what the buzz is all about - click here to listen to some samples of these classically-inspired pieces. You are sure to love the rich arrangements of these original and inspiring instrumental tunes. Orchestra Mastrangelo, Opus One is currently on sale, so order your copy today!

And be sure to let us know if you hear Orchestra Mastrangelo on your radio station! We're excited about this release and the exposure it is getting around the country!


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