GV Publishing

GrandVista has a large catalog of original songs and original arrangements of popular songs. We are able to offer immediate clearance on a large portion of our catalog. We have our own studio and in-house orchestra so we can create any compositions quickly if needed.

Our catalog consists of:

  • Country Songs - GrandVista has its own songwriting department. We work with some of the best country song writers in Nashville.

  • Semi-Classical Compositions - We have a large catalog of original semi classical music under our brand Orchestra Mastrangelo. These pieces are ideal for the movies or television or documentaries.

  • Christmas Songs - we also have many original Christmas compositions available.

  • Popular Hymns - GrandVista has original arrangements of the most popular hymns - all in the public domain.

  • Weddings and other Family Events - GrandVista has original songs celebrating weddings and other family events and family members themselves.

  • Patriotic Songs - Grandvista has original patriotic songs such as I Am Coming Home, Free, and My Little Man. We also have orchestral medlies of patriotic songs and videos.

  • Specialty Songs - GrandVista has songs that address special audiences such as pet lovers, dieters, persons with addictions, and persons in grief.

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