Dream presents popular songs with a smooth jazz feel...giving familiar titles a fresh, unique treatment. These tunes are perfect for a dinner party, and intimate gathering with friends, or as a calming end to your day! GrandVista Music uses only the top Nashville studio musicians, arrangers, and producers to bring you these favorites.

Comments with each title are from producer, Bob Mater.

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  1. Dreamsville 5:29
    This may be my favorite Mancini piece. It's at least a strong second to his classic, Moon River. We wanted a more contemporary treatment. Notice that the famous piano intro motif has been moved to the bass line. That was my clever bit for this one.

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  2. California Dreamin' 4:11
    Anthem for a certain time, #4 in 1966, and the Mamas and the Papas great hit. We gave it an easy latin feel and showcased PCB's wonderful acoustic guitar chops. The synth you hear is Mark Douthit playing an EWI - an analog synthesizer for reed players.

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  3. Dream Baby 6:14
    Roy Orbison from 1962 - this is a smoky, swinging, get-your-energy-flowing rendition by our friend - the wonderful singer and writer Benita Hill. We first tried it as an instrumental, and Dave wanted to know how it would sound as a vocal. Check it out.

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  4. Sweet Dreams 5:25
    Patsy Cline never sang it like this. I love this song, and I wanted a treatment that would fit the laid back vibe of the album. Again we feature Paul and Mark on an arrangement that builds beautifully to a latin dance dream sequence, if you will. It reminds me of a night in a club in Cancun, where Kathy and I grooved all night to a Salsa band.

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  5. When I Dream 4:04
    Another song penned in Nashville, it was a 1978 hit for Crystal Gayle, and the title of perhaps her most successful album. While I can take some credit for coming up with the original idea for this arrangement, it's really all PCB. Listen to him playing both guitar parts, and also enjoy his beautiful and wistful string arrangement.

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  6. The Dream 6:26
    This is a song that sounds simple, but is deceptively complex. Dave Sanborn - a giant in the jazz and pop world - performed this Michael Sembello composition, and I heard it as the centerpiece for the entire album. Layered from the very start with multiple loops and keyboards, and featuring Mark and Paul, it begins very small and grows and grows in a dramatic fashion that to me is always thrilling.

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  7. Miriam's Dream 3:19
    Dave Mastran wrote this lovely tune. Inspired by a friend, it originally had a working title of Miriam's Song. I thought it would work well on the albumÊ and said, "You know, if you change the name to Miriam's Dream, we can use it on the Dream project". He did, we brought in Mark to add Soprano sax, and - voila.

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  8. Dream Lover 4:32
    A Bobby Darin hit in 1959, it was famously revisited by James Taylor and the Manhattan Transfer in 1995, and that's the version that inspired this arrangement. Go ahead and dance.

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  9. Dream 5:04
    I just love this song. Written by Patricia Cathcart Andress, the Patti of "Tuck and Patti", it is the title song of their 1991 Windham Hill album, and a superbly crafted piece of music. I know this song because I've heard it sung by the inimitable Connye Florance, so naturally I invited her to give her read on this beautiful track - and what a vocal it is.
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  10. All I Have to Do is Dream 4:25
    I toured with the Everly Brothers in 1991 and '92, and watched the effect this song had on their devoted fans. It really means quite a lot to a lot of people, evoking the best memories of their lives. Mine too. Cheers.

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  11. I Had the Craziest Dream 5:11
    Time for a touch of class. We dug a little farther back in the original American Songbook for this one. A hit for Helen Forrest and Harry James in 1942, our version features exquisite solos by Mark Douthit and Chris Walters, and a beautiful string arrangement by our friend Chris McDonald. It's romance and slow dance.

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  12. Hold on to Your Dreams 4:25
    Whenever you want a little lift, listen to a Stevie Wonder song. I recommend it highly.

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