“Love” includes 12 popular songs, by the GrandVista Jazz Orchestra, re- visited in a smooth jazz feel. Producer Bob Mater has laced each of these songs with a jazzy touch while maintaining the organic essence of each tune. This collection offers these instantly recognizable favorites with a refreshing take, and presents them as cool, new classics. Perfect for an intimate dinner party.

Each jazzy rendition of these popular songs is performed by the GrandVista Jazz Orchestra whose members represent the uniquely diverse and accomplished talent pool found only in Nashville, Tennessee. All of these musicians, arrangers, producers and engineers, many recognizable in their own right, have also been responsible for great recordings and performances by some of the best known artists of our time.

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  1. Love Me Tender 4:18
    #1 for Elvis Presley in 1956, I remember this melody from childhood. It has the quality that Greensleeves or Shenendoah has for me. Soothing and nostalgic. The beautiful string orchestration is by Buddy Skipper.

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  2. And I Love Her 5:05
    This of course is the classic Beatles hit with a mellow bossa nova background. My favorite moment is the disguised key change at the sax solo.

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  3. The Look of Love 5:25
    Dusty Springfield, Sergio Mendes, Leslie Gore, Isaac Hayes ... who didn't have a hit on this song in the 60's? The Look of Love by Hal David and Burt Bacharach is a wonderful song that needed a shot in the arm. So we played it in a 6/4 groove that just plain ol' makes me happy. Check it out.

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  4. When I Fall in Love 4:22
    Another gentle groove piece, this American Songbook standard features our friends Mark Douthit and Steve Kummer on sax and piano.

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  5. I Can't Make You Love Me 4:26
    Recorded by Bonnie Raitt, and written by Mike Reid and Allen Shamblin, this one probably makes everyone's top 10 hauntingly sad and beautiful song lists. The test of good food is to eat it cold. The test of a good song is to play it as an instrumental. This is a good song.

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  6. Crazy Love 4:38
    Recorded by everyone from Ray Charles to Aaron Neville, I remember loving the Rita Coolidge version of this Van Morrison classic. Here we did a little retro pop version of our own, with vocals by the inestimable Kathy Hussey.

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  7. Because You Loved Me 4:16
    In the arc of our recording this is the zenith if not the climax. Grammy Award winner, Academy Award nominee, and #1 hit, this Diane Warren song from 1996 is a smash in every sense of the word.

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  8. I Will Always Love You 4:08
    I had the opportunity to record with Dolly in 2005, and I can tell you that there is no mystery whatsoever why she is a superstar. This of course is her most famous song, charting for at least 3 different artists, and twice at #1 for herself. In 1992, it was again a worldwide pop sensation for Whitney Houston, staying at #1 longer than any of her other hits. A powerful and bittersweet masterpiece.

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  9. Our Love is Here to Stay 3:20
    It's very clear ... the Gershwins' smart and beautiful love song. As we were completing this album, Paul called and asked me to pick one of three songs for the final cut. I immediately said Our Love Is Here to Stay, please. (It was the first dance for Kathy and me).

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  10. How Deep is Your Love 3:37
    As good as it gets for fans of the Bee Gees.

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  11. Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow 4:58
    Carole King's feel good #1 hit for the Shirelles in 1960, it was banned from some stations for lyrics that were too sexually charged. Rerecorded many times, and featured on the Dirty Dancing soundtrack, my favorite is Roberta Flack's plaintive 1972 release.

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  12. I Wish You Love 5:54
    Based on a french melody, this wistful standard has been recorded by Harry Connick, Jr, Chris Botti, Nat King Cole, Nancy Wilson, and now the GVRO. With Jim Ferguson singing, we included the verse, starting with a quasi Rhumba, and transforming into a lively Samba. A great way to take it home. Cheers.

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