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Orchestra Mastrangelo is a touring orchestra that plays original music with a classical feel and a modern touch. The fully orchestrated pieces have been brought to life by some of the industry's top arrangers. The music, both in concert and on CD, has a cinematic feel and offers a hopeful outlook. The sound is orchestral and inspiring.

For concerts, Orchestra Mastrangelo performs original music, along with medleys of other popular tunes - songs from famous American operas and Broadway musicals. Each musical performance is accompanied by a dynamic visual show that is projected on large screens throughout the theater. The combination of the fully orchestrated music and the visual imagery enhances the entire experience of the audience.

Orchestra Mastrangelo has been described as cinematic in that people experience mental images while listening to the music. The images the composer had are described below. What are yours?

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  1. A Brand New Day 3:16
    A Brand New Day describes in audio dawn and the sun rising - the sky is dark and gradually gets lighter. The piece crescendos when the sun appears above the horizon.

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  2. Angel Aria 4:57
    Angel Aria is about an angel singing an aria. Visual images of great paintings and sculptures in different cities of the world suggest themselves.

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  3. Tears of Joy 4:18
    Tears of Joy evokes scenes of graduations, weddings, and other personal triumphs.

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  4. Beautiful Love 3:39
    Beautiful Love brings thoughts of babies being nurtured, old folks holding hands, lovers kissing behind a tree: things that are the true essence of love.

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  5. Clarion Call 3:59
    Clarion Call is reminiscent of the 1812 Overture. It is martial in nature and stirs patriotic emotions.

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  6. Give Me the Strength 3:50
    Give Me the Strength is about overcoming adversity and conjures up scenes of people praying for strength.

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  7. Looking Out the Window 3:57
    Looking Out My Window evokes images of things one can see gazing out a window.

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  8. Dream Dancing 3:44
    Dream Dancing concerns a couple dancing closely in a dreamy state.

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  9. Summer Games 3:07
    Summer Games suggests the Olympics and the competitions that go on.

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  10. In the Morning 4:24
    In The Morning is about morning activities. This includes getting up and having coffee and getting ready for the day.

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  11. Father's Prayer 4:17
    Father's Prayer is a somber piece that conjures up images of a peaceful meadow with a church in the background.

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  12. Walk Among the Flowers 3:42
    Walk Among The Flowers is about a walk in a garden and depicts a variety of flowers.

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