Orchestra Mastrangelo opus two

Every song tells a story. And every song has a story. Orchestra Mastrangelo, Opus Two is no different.

David V. Mastran is the composer and visionary behind this project, and like all of his original compositions, this collection was formed from personal experience. David composed 53 songs during the last two years of his father's life, committing them to memory because he was not familiar with musical notation. Years after his father's death, David struggled to remember all of them. It was during a visit with friend and collaborator, Graham Hepburn, when he began to recall the forgotten melodies. Throughout their time together, David recalled ten songs, and they are now featured on Opus Two.

In addition to those ten songs, Opus Two also presents "3 1/2 Movements" and "Pastoral Reverie," which complete the disc. Each of these tunes is fully orchestrated by arrangers Paul Carrol Binkley and Tim Powell, who created the lush sound characteristic to this series. Opus Two offers compositions that are more rhythmic and more pop-oriented, still while keeping the arrangements in the same vein as Opus One.

If you liked Orchestra Mastrangelo, Opus One - you are sure to love the new vibe of Opus Two.

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  1. Spring Morning
    This song is about the rebirth of the earth and the renewal of springtime.

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  2. Children At Play
    This composition inspires sounds and views of children having fun.

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  3. Comin' on Down
    This piece is about people coming together and enjoying each other's company.

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  4. Western Skies
    It's a song reminiscent of covered wagons going west under expansive watercolor skies.

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  5. Sing to Me Now
    This song tells a tale of a man who asks his lover to sing to him.

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  6. 3_Movements
    This composition is a mini symphony with three movements. The first is reminiscent of a Bach Prelude; the second, an anthem; and the third, a march.

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  7. The Way I Feel Tonight
    This slow, meditative, classical guitar piece brings the thought of a woman in love.

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  8. You Are The One
    The lyrics "you are the one who stole my heart and ran away" were the catalyst for this song.

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  9. Pastoral Reverie
    This composition offers visions of the natural beauty found in a rural countryside.

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  10. Serenade in D-flat
    A beautiful wedding serenade that will have you falling in love all over again.
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  11. With You Again
    This is about the reunion of a couple long separated.

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  12. You're Too Pretty For Me
    A fun melody reminiscent of the Tijuana Brass.

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